Dog Days / Men of Spirit

Monter B08
Monter B08

Info om utställaren

This is not a drink this is a song about life.

It's about the paths you walk in your mind when you connect with yourself and discover what life is really about.

It's about releasing the dog inside, imagination-running-wild kind of dog walks without a collar.

The song is about having fun, enjoying life and discovering the world inside and outside through music, art, love, friendship and creativity.

This high quality elixir is produced in a small town named Borensberg, by Göta Canal in the middle of Sweden.

It is crafted to perfection by craftsmen and artists who pours their heart, love and soul into producing world class shots, for adults to be enjoyed, responsibly with a laugh in your eyes and a smile in your soul
Dog Days / Men of Spirit
Ungmästaregatan 43
41506 Göteborg